Meaning of shrinking violet in English:

shrinking violet


informal often with negative
  • An exaggeratedly shy person.

    • ‘Dorothy is no shrinking violet when it comes to expressing her views’
    • ‘There are no shrinking violets in our family, we all had a point of view.’
    • ‘She insists it was not a conscious decision, however, and points out she has toured separately with two women who could never be described as shrinking violets.’
    • ‘If called upon to sing a song, they weren't shrinking violets.’
    • ‘Cab drivers, and London ones in particular, are seldom known as shrinking violets who keep their opinions to themselves.’
    • ‘It's certainly a colourful creation, but not for shrinking violets.’
    • ‘If you stop them in the street they are not shrinking violets.’
    • ‘South Lakeland men are shrinking violets according to a company setting up speed dating events in the area.’
    • ‘He said the girls were no shrinking violets when it came to contesting the ball.’
    • ‘Eitam is no shrinking violet - when his bride-to-be asked him at age 18 what he wanted to do when he grew up, ‘I told her I wanted to be the leader of the people of Israel’.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, the first question Oprah - no shrinking violet herself - asked her was where she got her confidence from.’
    • ‘None of them is known for being a shrinking violet.’
    • ‘You will probably have noticed that Martin is scarcely a shrinking violet, nor a slack-jawed dullard.’
    • ‘Normally, you wouldn't expect your local councillor to be a shrinking violet.’
    • ‘He is certainly no shrinking violet and will not suffer fools gladly.’
    • ‘This was no shrinking violet who wrote his poetry from the lonely vantage of an ivory tower.’
    • ‘She was, she says, a shrinking violet for her first year at Glasgow University.’
    • ‘So it doesn't pay to be a shrinking violet when faced with appalling service.’
    • ‘People know that I am not a shrinking violet and there will have to be major and widespread changes.’
    • ‘Rowland and other feminist critics are hardly shrinking violets; they called their 1984 conference on the subject ‘The Death of the Female.’’