Meaning of shrivelled in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃrɪvld/

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  • Wrinkled and shrunken, especially as a result of loss of moisture or old age.

    ‘a handful of shrivelled leaves’
    • ‘his shrivelled limbs’
    • ‘Out in the sticks last weekend, the sheep looked like shrivelled prunes on legs.’
    • ‘The resultant plants were nothing more than shriveled clumps.’
    • ‘Victims can be left with disfigured or shrivelled limbs.’
    • ‘Indeed I was greeted in Italian by a shrivelled old lady in a white habit.’
    • ‘A hunched, shriveled woman tries to push a bottle into a recycling bin.’
    • ‘A shrivelled woman, Yasmin, spoke for them.’
    • ‘Avoid very shriveled dates, or dates with sugar crystals on the skin.’
    • ‘It spends most of its life buried deep in the soil in a shriveled, torpid state.’
    • ‘Both diseases result in lightweight, shriveled kernels that may be moldy.’
    • ‘The shriveled black olives are then vacuumed up with machines that look like street cleaners.’
    • ‘The animal contracts, loses water, and takes on a shriveled, wrinkled appearance.’
    • ‘Sitting in the wheelchair is a young woman with a pretty face and two shriveled legs.’
    • ‘Buy soft fruit with wrinkled and shriveled skin.’
    • ‘They lie together, one resting gently on the arm of the other, their shrivelled dark brown limbs entangled.’
    • ‘He sees the crops withered through drought and devoured by pests on a shrivelled land struggling to escape the paralysis of famine.’
    • ‘They are dry and stiff, with the shriveled remnants of once green leaves hanging dejectedly from their limbs.’
    • ‘Brown and shriveled canes stand out like sore thumbs.’
    • ‘Her poor shriveled body cells were kept alive artifically.’
    • ‘The leaves die, of course, and in their shriveled state present no threat when it snows.’
    • ‘The stalks that remain support runty, shriveled buds.’