Meaning of shroff in English:


Pronunciation /ʃrɒf/


  • 1Indian A banker or money changer.

    ‘All banks and houses of shroffs were denied the right to issue promissory notes and coin mints.’
    • ‘This the shroffs could apparently test with their long little finger nails to hear the true ring of silver.’
    • ‘Raw materials were provided by shroffs in the city to four out of six establishments in the sample and the artisans charged wages for the manufacture of the ornaments.’
    • ‘Thus at one time the whole of the silver currency disappeared; the shroffs and sirkars had bought it up, so that persons in business were induced to offer premiums for silver; without which mercantile concerns could not proceed.’
    • ‘Sale proceeds through British Indian Banks and shroffs received by means of drafts or hundies drawn on by the company-Rs. 4,40,878.’
  • 2South East Asian A cashier.

    ‘Ching said car parks usually give some sort of grace period to take into consideration the time it takes drivers to walk to the shroff's office, pay their fees in cash, and return to their cars to drive away.’
    • ‘Another 1,000 part-time positions, including sell-pay shroffs and telebet operators, will also be offered.’


Persian and Urdu saraf, from Arabic ṣarrāf, from ṣarafa ‘exchange money’.