Meaning of shrubby in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃrʌbi/

adjectiveadjective shrubbier, adjective shrubbiest

See shrub

‘In association with recent regional warming, moist tundra has become more shrubby, and trees are increasing in density and expanding into tundra near the arctic treeline.’
  • ‘Bushtits inhabit mixed coniferous and deciduous areas with shrubby growth.’
  • ‘One of the best of these sparsely vegetated, shrubby habitats is found on the western slopes of BlackJack Mountain.’
  • ‘Another excellent performer is Sorbus kewensis, a slow-growing, shrubby tree with great clusters of luscious fruits.’
  • ‘Golden-winged Warbler territories usually included a shrubby field with patches of herbs and shrubs, a field-forest ecotone and adjacent forest.’