Meaning of shubunkin in English:


Pronunciation /ʃʊˈbʌŋkɪn/


  • A goldfish of an ornamental variety, having black spots, red patches, and long fins and tail.

    ‘They said that they had seen shubunkins with the beautiful colors and they couldn't detect scales.’
    • ‘Both comets and shubunkins work well in most ponds and require a lot less maintenance than koi.’
    • ‘I have no experience with the crossbreeding of commons and shubunkins so it's just a guess on my behalf.’
    • ‘The shubunkin can be boisterous with other fancy goldfish, chasing and nipping their tankmates.’
    • ‘The common goldfish, comet, London and Bristol shubunkins are all single-finned like the wild type ancestor.’
    • ‘New tanks and ponds with inadequate filter systems also generate enough ammonia to stress shubunkins.’
    • ‘Members of the group took a keen interest in this fish, and in 1934 they produced the Bristol shubunkin standard.’
    • ‘The shubunkin has a completely different body shape than last months goldfish, the oranda, and a different origin.’
    • ‘Available in the spring our koi, comets, and shubunkins are reasonably priced.’
    • ‘Today morning when I went to switch on the Aquarium Light, I found 2 male shubunkin goldfish were following one of the female shubunkin goldfish in the aquarium.’
    • ‘In China, the shubunkin is called Chuwen-chin.’
    • ‘But anyways, last night I was sitting downstairs and looked over and saw that my large mostly white calico shubunkin was totally vertical with his head pointing down, next to the large orange comet.’
    • ‘It seems that the prettiest baby fish like the shubunkins and red and white fish die off most of the time while the duller fish survive predation.’
    • ‘I have to say that plain old comets and shubunkins have to be my faves.’
    • ‘I have had an extremely difficult time finding shubunkins here that aren't so tiny they don't survive - Petsmart specials… The other fish stores here only do the feeders.’
    • ‘The scientific name of the shubunkin is Carrasius auratus var, and as far as I am aware this fish is available as 3 types: -’
    • ‘I went looking for it, moved the floating plants around and found it all alone near the surface in the It was not socializing with the other goldfish, shubunkins and small koi.’
    • ‘1 minnow alone could over winter in a 15 litre tank indoors yes… but it would be best to release the shubunkins into the larger built in pond for the winter:) how deep is the underground pond?’


Early 20th century from Japanese.