Meaning of shuddering in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃʌd(ə)rɪŋ/


  • 1Characterized or accompanied by violent shaking or vibration.

    ‘the train came to a shuddering halt’
    • ‘a sudden shuddering noise’
    • ‘the shuddering impact of his resignation’
    1. 1.1(of a person's breathing) unsteady or convulsive, especially as a result of exertion or emotion.
      ‘he drew a deep, shuddering breath’
      • ‘her breath came in shuddering gasps’


mass noun
  • The action or fact of shaking or vibrating violently.

    ‘the biggest earthquakes are set off by the shuddering of the plates that make up the earth's surface as they grind together underground’
    • ‘if engine shuddering is evident, get this fixed as soon as possible’