Meaning of shuffleboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃʌflbɔːd/


  • A game played by pushing discs with a long-handled shovel over a marked surface.

    Also called shovelboard

    ‘The shuffleboard, first called shoveboard and then, inexplicably, shovelboard, appears to have originated in England, where there is a record of it being played in 1532.’
    • ‘A few years ago, while visiting my grandfolks in Florida, I decided to skip the evening's high stakes game of shuffleboard to explore what live music in the neighboring city of West Palm Beach had to offer.’
    • ‘It takes much more physical skill, strength and endurance than you give it credit for (a tad more than shuffleboard, bocce or marbles).’
    • ‘Florida has been called ‘God's waiting room,’ due to a large chunk of its populace being golden-age refugees from the cold, there to bask in the rays and get a little shuffleboard in before they buy the farm.’
    • ‘Get yourselves some knitting needles and a shuffleboard, and get the hell to Boca Raton like normal old people!’
    • ‘When he's not working in the kitchen, he plays shuffleboard and other games with the 10 to 15 clients participating in this program.’
    • ‘And nobody would claim that shuffleboard is a sport - except maybe Sol Shuffleboard, who invented the game in 1934 when he was the director of leisure activities at the Fountainbleu hotel in Miami Beach.’
    • ‘Such was the attempt to control the lives of the working class, that in 1542 even shuffleboard was banned - a game which we now call shove half-penny.’
    • ‘On the ship the men established a friendly relationship, playing games such as ringtoss, shuffleboard, and euchre.’
    • ‘Yeah, you'd rather watch shuffleboard than sit through four quarters of Ohio State football.’
    • ‘It's the place where guests can eat 3 meals a day, drink, play pool, shuffleboard, darts, watch satellite television, or have fun with a full Karaoke stage and equipment.’
    • ‘Curling combines the worst of shuffleboard and housekeeping.’
    • ‘It's not as though she ever expressed interest in moving somewhere warm where she could play shuffleboard all day or anything.’
    • ‘And somehow, you realize that there's so much more to a cruise than just shuffleboard and pool exercises.’
    • ‘Would you like to play a little pool or indoor shuffleboard in a room like that of an exclusive club, but one that welcomes you and your friends?’
    • ‘Wanda is up in heaven, which is depicted as an amusement park where everybody is happy and plays shuffleboard all day.’
    • ‘She suggested we play shuffleboard, and it was a new experience for me.’
    • ‘Some very fine shuffleboard playing on my part that still didn't get us the win.’
    • ‘Employee amenities include a cafeteria with indoor and patio seating, café-style lounges with free beverages and a game room featuring foosball and shuffleboard tables.’
    • ‘Fancy a cruise holiday, but not sold on shuffleboard tournaments and cocktails with the captain?’