Meaning of shuffler in English:



See shuffle

‘He rails against the armies of form devisers, paper shufflers and managers who waste the tax payers' money while contributing nothing to the public good.’
  • ‘I left the Ministry of Agriculture many years ago now, yet my friend Tony has remained there, rising steadily to the rank of senior pencil shuffler.’
  • ‘A machine-shuffled game - but not a game with a continuous shuffler that makes it impossible to count - suits counters, but most players are better off with a hand-shuffled game.’
  • ‘This edition features a round board instead of the usual square and a plastic card dispenser that resembles a playing card shuffler.’
  • ‘Alex stood for a second and realized the irony that her CD shuffler chose this song first.’



/ˈʃʌfələ/ /ˈʃʌflə/