Meaning of shuriken in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃʊərɪkɛn/


  • A weapon in the form of a star with projecting blades or points, used as a missile in some martial arts.

    ‘You sneak up on people and waste them with your arsenal of equally cool weapons, like shurikens.’
    • ‘Why would they throw weapons away, like a shuriken, which if it missed, would more than likely be lost?’
    • ‘He threw a large shuriken, a throwing star, so fast that Kenji just barely got out of the way.’
    • ‘He moved to counterattack when thousands of shurikens came hurtling at him from even more ninjas positioned in the tops of trees.’
    • ‘It was created in Asia, home of the sneaky ninja who were fond of throwing shurikens at enemies from their hiding places.’
    • ‘I have a couple of swords at home, as well as a dagger or two, and a shuriken.’
    • ‘Jerking her hand away from him she jumped back and pulled out a set of shurikens.’
    • ‘She had her shuriken in her hands, ready to throw.’
    • ‘The large man tensed as his opponent threw the shuriken at him.’


Japanese, literally ‘dagger in the hand’.