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  • 1North American A person confined indoors, especially on account of age, illness, or disability.

    ‘she volunteered to visit the sick and the shut-ins’
    • ‘I'm finding I don't have much to write about after a week of being a sick shut-in.’
    • ‘The program's primary aim is to assist elderly shut-ins, mentally challenged persons and drug abusers.’
    • ‘At the Westmoreland Multi-Service Center, a senior center in Mt. Pleasant, director Irene Smith helped to prepare more than 50 meals for seniors and shut-ins.’
    • ‘Kennedy has also helped abolish the poll tax, liberalize immigration laws, fund cancer research and create the Meals on Wheels program for shut-ins and the elderly.’
    • ‘I just love talking to these shut-ins who call you.’
    • ‘She still found time to attend protest rallies and visit shut-ins in her congregation twice a week.’
    • ‘Despite his own self-diagnosis, he's not a shut-in.’
    • ‘Or maybe you can visit a sick friend or bring a meal to a shut-in.’
    • ‘John Brown, perennial shut-in, spends a lot of time indoors.’
    • ‘I'm actually moved when I think of how much joy I can bring into the life of this well-to-do, wheelchair-bound shut-in.’
    • ‘Emma and Erna go regularly to thrift store at the Lutheran Church, and buy for the sick and shut-in or anyone else they think just might need a treasure they spy.’
    • ‘On the other hand, and this is especially true of shut-ins who tend to watch more television, there's still a large number of people who feel thrilled or blessed with the nonstop stimulus.’
    • ‘Donated food from the cafeteria was delivered to shut-ins who could not make it to the emergency shelter.’
    • ‘The old, especially those who are too weak to take walks outside, have become shut-ins.’
    • ‘This plan was a particularly bright idea by one of our politicians who compared it to the Meals on Wheels scheme which brings food to elderly shut-ins in the USA.’
    • ‘Many Sunday mornings were spent with Mom making devotional house visitations for the shut-ins.’
    • ‘Help a friend's child with homework, or visit an elderly shut-in.’
    • ‘I didn't think it was a good idea to mention it to her - she doesn't seem to require much encouragement to become a shut-in.’
    • ‘At first she was bedridden and then progressed into a wheelchair, but she remained a shut-in.’
    • ‘During Klondike Days, the association produces a touring Klondike Revue that performs approximately 35 shows to seniors and shut-ins.’
  • 2A state or period in which an oil or gas well has available but unused capacity.

    ‘The federal Minerals Management Service said less than 1% of annual production in the region has been shut-in as a result of rig and platform evacuations related to Emily.’
    • ‘There still remain 205,000 barrels of oil per day shut-in and 700 mmcf/d of natural gas offline.’
    • ‘He notes that these shut-in wells take approximately 8 months to bring on stream.’