Meaning of shut down (or shut something down) in English:

shut down (or shut something down)

phrasal verb

  • Cease (or cause something to cease) business or operation.

    ‘the plant's operators decided to shut down the reactor’
    • ‘The 50-year-old solicitor's career has been in tatters since he lost an appeal against conviction for being drunk and disorderly and his business was shut down.’
    • ‘Stranded passengers seen outside Piarco International Airport, yesterday, after operations were shut down because of a bomb threat.’
    • ‘Coke's operations were shut down in the early 90's during Somalia's civil war.’
    • ‘Three sawmills were shut down during the operation and 33 people arrested, said Riau Police chief Brig.’
    • ‘Speaking to reporters, Endriartono said that loss-making businesses would be shut down, while profitable ones would be either acquired by the government or sold to the private sector.’
    • ‘The bank's prominent embassy and international operations will be shut down in an attempt to bury a scandal that has the potential of becoming much larger.’
    • ‘This follows last year's staff reduction of 25 per cent when overseas operations were shut down.’
    • ‘If a buyer isn't found, the businesses will be shut down.’
    • ‘Mining continued until the ore reserves were exhausted, and the operation was shut down 1 April 1925.’
    • ‘In 1957 the operation was shut down after producing 43,061,767 pounds of copper.’
    cease activity, close, close down, cease production, cease operating, come to a halt, go on strike, cease trading, collapse, fail, crash, go under, go to the wall, go bankrupt, become insolvent, go into receivership, go into liquidation, be liquidated, be wound up, be closed, be closed down, be shut, be shut down
    close, close down, discontinue, put into receivership, liquidate, put into liquidation
    switch off, power down, stop, halt