Meaning of shut in in English:

shut in

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phrasal verb

  • 1shut someone or something in, shut in someone or somethingKeep someone or something inside a place by closing something such as a door.

    ‘her parents shut her in an upstairs room’
    • ‘But, as usual I ruin the possible best moment of my life by running inside and shutting the door in his face.’
    • ‘She quickly took her inside then shut the door in my face.’
    • ‘The packing site in Claremorris will be the third facility to close, with plants in Foxfield and Carbury shutting their doors in recent months.’
    • ‘Opening and shutting the car door in one shift motion, Mitch dove inside the car as he heard yells in the background.’
    • ‘The doors closed, then, shutting me in a room with over a dozen Rris.’
    • ‘With that, April roughly shut the door in their faces and marched directly to her parent's bedroom.’
    • ‘I shut the horse in the stable and I closed my jacket over my bloody shirt.’
    • ‘He grabbed the ramp and pulled it up, closing it behind him until it shut him in and the only sound he could hear was that of his own ragged breath.’
    • ‘Also in England, the £3.6m Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in London's Hyde Park was shut in July after three people slipped and injured themselves inside the stone ring.’
    • ‘All the parents living in the neighborhood got together and resolved to shut her in her house.’
    confine, enclose, impound, shut up, pen, pen in, pen up, fence in, hedge in
    1. 1.1shut something in, shut in somethingEnclose or surround a place.
      • ‘the village is shut in by the mountains on either side’
    2. 1.2shut something in somethingTrap something by shutting a door or drawer on it.
      ‘I shut my finger in the door’
      • ‘And on a completely different subject (that of pain) I just shut my finger in a drawer while taking a pen out of it.’
      • ‘She paused for a moment as though opening and shutting drawers in her head.’
      • ‘‘We can fold the buggy up if you like,’ Mr Upstairs said in a tone of voice which really meant, ‘I'd rather shut my fingers in the door than create any room for you.’’
      • ‘One ambulance crew member, who also asked not to be identified, said: ‘A three-year-old boy ripped his finger off by shutting it in the car door and it was put through as a non-priority.’’
      • ‘Glorg had tried to shut the lid of the cigar box on Duke's fingers.’