Meaning of shut out in English:

shut out

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phrasal verb

  • 1shut someone or something out, shut out someone or somethingKeep someone or something out of a place or situation.

    • ‘the door swung closed behind them, shutting out some of the noise’
    1. 1.1shut something out, shut out somethingBlock something from the mind.
      ‘anything he didn't like he shut out’
      • ‘The tears slid down my cheeks and I closed my eyes to shut his face out of my mind.’
      • ‘He shut his uncharacteristic anxiety out of his mind disdainfully.’
      • ‘I thought the story had run its course and I shut royal affairs out of my mind.’
      • ‘He had to shut the thoughts out of his mind as he suddenly came to grip with all the change engulfing him.’
      • ‘Taking a deep breath, I shut the call out of my mind and pushed myself from the uncomfortable wooden chair to my feet.’
      • ‘But I had promised her that she had my blessing, so I tried to shut the issue out of my mind.’
      • ‘I've shut it out of my mind, because it was a violent, unpleasant, horrible and ugly experience.’
      • ‘I tried to shut it out of my mind, sitting down under a tree and covering my ears as a crack of thunder erupted in my head.’
      • ‘A part of her first conversation with John came back to her, and her mind could not shut it out even though it desperately wanted to.’
      • ‘Students, staff, and faculty of the schools and colleges of the have been shut out of learning and conducting research by the oppressive military siege.’
      block, suppress, halt, stop, forget