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Pronunciation /ˈʃʌtə/

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  • 1Each of a pair of hinged panels fixed inside or outside a window that can be closed for security or privacy or to keep out the light.

    ‘he threw open the shutters to let in air and light’
    • ‘painted wooden shutters’
    • ‘A pair of windows with wooden shutters allows for a good deal of incoming light.’
    • ‘It appears that a thief, described as a drunk male wearing a combat jacket, used a crowbar to prise open the security shutter before smashing the window.’
    • ‘There were two doors, both seemingly exiting to the outside, and two windows that were covered on the inside by primitive wooden shutters.’
    • ‘The master bedroom has an attractive bay window facing out on the street, with original wooden shutters for privacy.’
    • ‘The timber casement windows are new, but much of the interior wood is original including the window shutters and some panelled doors.’
    • ‘The other two bedrooms are at the front of the house and have the original window shutters for added privacy.’
    • ‘The room is done up in the old colonial style, complete with red stained wooden floors, four poster bed, wooden shutters for windows and so on.’
    • ‘As he already had an alarm system, window and door shutters plus several heavy security doors, I would have thought he had provided adequate security arrangements already.’
    • ‘Decorated in pastel colours, the bedrooms retain many period features including wooden ceilings, window shutters and original doors with metal latches.’
    • ‘The house has 220 square metres of space and includes a number of period features such as fireplaces, window shutters and wooden floors.’
    • ‘I ran to the wooden shutters covering the windows by the door.’
    • ‘Both rooms have pale yellow walls and white ceilings and each has an original window with wooden shutters, overlooking the gardens.’
    • ‘The old wooden window shutters in this area have been retained and are in good condition.’
    • ‘It was a room of narrow but long shape, with two glassless windows with wooden shutters.’
    • ‘There are charmingly rickety old-style shutters on both the inside and outside of the long tall windows and large mirrored floor-to-ceiling wardrobes add to the sense of space.’
    • ‘I almost fell out of the window when one of the shutters came off its hinges.’
    • ‘Outside, rain pattered against the sides of the wooden house and shutters to the windows, and Lon loathed joining the horrid weather, but had no other choice.’
    • ‘He threw open the shutters of two windows to reveal a simple and slightly dilapidated room with a stone fireplace built out from one wall, and furnished only with two wooden cots and a bench.’
    • ‘Stylish wood window shutter panels with operable louvers offer privacy as well as control over the amount of light that enters a room.’
    • ‘Despite having an alarm system, window and door shutters, plus several heavy security doors, thieves still managed to break into his shop on Saturday.’
    screen, louvre, blind, roller blind, venetian blind, curtain, shade, awning, canopy
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  • 2Photography
    A device that opens and closes to expose the film in a camera.

    ‘In order to prevent the image from being blurry, Cassini actually had to rotate while the camera shutter was open in order to maintain her pointing at Phoebe.’
    • ‘When the shutter of your camera opens for that fraction of a second, photons of light stream in and strike the silver halide grains suspended in the gelatin emulsion.’
    • ‘The camera shutter was open for 8 m sec per frame to avoid motion blur of the particles.’
    • ‘Arbus focused her camera and triggered the shutter.’
    • ‘Even with your camera on top of a tripod, if you only use your finger to keep the shutter open, you run the risk of camera movement.’
  • 3Music
    The blind enclosing the swell box in an organ, used for controlling the volume of sound.

    • ‘Organ mountings are considered, but not painted organ shutters.’


[with object]
  • 1Close the shutters of (a window or building)

    ‘the windows were shuttered against the afternoon heat’
    • ‘All the shops are shuttered, all the windows closed.’
    • ‘Restaurants, hotels and even bars closed their doors and shuttered their windows.’
    • ‘Close the doors, shutter the windows, send them all home.’
    • ‘The roof was flat, and all the windows were shuttered tightly closed.’
    • ‘Jakartans also poured into shopping malls, many of which remained open on the holiday, although several shops in some of the buildings were shuttered.’
    • ‘All he could hear was his own breathing and the clatter of his shoes on the rough plank floors as he ran around the tower, shuttering the windows.’
    • ‘In typical Victorian style, each house has two interconnecting reception rooms at hall level, both with original shuttered sash windows and folding double doors.’
    • ‘In the palm groves where one might expect temples and adobe villages, there are whitewashed churches and old villas with genteel balconies and shuttered windows.’
    • ‘It has two reception rooms including a living room has with an original shuttered sash window, cast-iron fireplace with tiled inset and black slate surround, timber floorboards and ceiling plasterwork.’
    • ‘Another double bedroom, again with original wooden floors, a marble fireplace and shuttered sash window, completes the accommodation at this level.’
    • ‘At the moment, the owners are using the largest bedroom as a first floor drawing room which spans the width of the house and includes two shuttered windows and a cast iron fireplace.’
    • ‘Both have impressive white marble fireplaces as well as timber flooring, cornices, centre roses and shuttered sash windows.’
    • ‘Both have original marble fireplaces, shuttered sash windows and high ceilings with elaborate plasterwork.’
    • ‘To the left the drawing room is a bright area with two shuttered sash windows overlooking the front garden and a fine marble fireplace.’
    • ‘At the time they say they were told that although the windows were shuttered, there were four ceiling fans.’
    • ‘Its windows were shuttered, so that no one could see into the court from outside.’
    • ‘High white washed interior walls dotted with tiny shuttered windows lean into the centre of the stage and a scrubbed floors lopes up and back to the rarely opened door.’
    • ‘It retains its original wooden floor and period fireplace, and overlooks St Alban's Road through shuttered windows.’
    • ‘I glanced around, at the musty bookshelves and shuttered windows.’
    • ‘Each item of furniture was draped in white sheets and the windows were shuttered.’
    1. 1.1mainly North American Close (a business)
      ‘the city was gripped by economic forces that were squeezing its tax base and shuttering its factories’
      • ‘an additional dozen stores will be shuttered when their leases expire next year’


    put up the shutters
    • (of a business) cease trading for the day or permanently.

      ‘the village Post Office put up the shutters for the last time’
      • ‘Others, however, are putting up the shutters - ten per cent of private-sector final salary schemes closed to new members in the past 12 months.’
      • ‘We have to adapt to these economic developments, not by putting up the shutters, but by managing, controlling and selecting.’
      • ‘Siddique even found the time to wink for the Telegraph & Argus during a clinch as Nesbitt put up the shutters once again.’
      • ‘Cleo and Denis Hourihan will put up the shutters next Wednesday lunchtime, after six years at the High Street post office, and will move into their retirement bungalow in Shrewton.’
      • ‘In the winter, he closed some of the retail stores and even shuttered the tavern, bringing year-round headcount to 50.’