Meaning of shuttle diplomacy in English:

shuttle diplomacy


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mass noun
  • Negotiations conducted by a mediator who travels between two or more parties that are reluctant to hold direct discussions.

    ‘The five-city transatlantic 24-hour shuttle diplomacy of Blair last week hopefully reassured Bush, Congress and the American people that they are not alone in their grief and anger.’
    • ‘An outbreak of shuttle diplomacy, expected to be carried out by the US assistant secretary of state, James Kelly, in the next few weeks will involve missions to South Korea, China, Japan and Russia.’
    • ‘Mr Blair met Gen Musharraf midway through a whirlwind round of shuttle diplomacy which had seen him meet Russian president Vladimir Putin in Moscow the previous evening.’
    • ‘After a week of exhaustive shuttle diplomacy, taking in Ireland, Spain and Libya, Blair's two-day stay in Brussels was a chastening experience.’
    • ‘Mr Blair was speaking at the Elysee Palace in Paris after breakfast talks with President Jacques Chirac, as part of his hectic shuttle diplomacy.’
    • ‘This Financial Times piece does a nice job of describing the recent shuttle diplomacy over North Korea.’
    • ‘But perhaps he should consider a new round of shuttle diplomacy - between Brussels and Baghdad.’
    • ‘For Blair that may mean fewer flights of shuttle diplomacy and more time chiselling away at the coalface of the public services.’
    • ‘A burst of shuttle diplomacy will take him to four international capitals in three days.’
    • ‘Tuesday's debate in Westminster led some to suggest that Blair should ease up on his international shuttle diplomacy and spend more time ensuring his domestic coalition held together.’
    • ‘‘At the moment, we do not see shuttle diplomacy as inevitable,’ an unidentified aide to Roh said in a report by Yonhap News Agency.’
    • ‘Annan also urged Myanmar to allow his special envoy Razali Ismail to return to the country ‘as soon as possible’ to continue his shuttle diplomacy.’
    • ‘The talks follow six months of shuttle diplomacy after a first round in Beijing last August failed to narrow the gulf over Pyongyang's atomic arms ambitions.’
    • ‘Secretary of State Colin L. Powell is gearing up for a spate of shuttle diplomacy in the region in May, starting with Syria.’
    • ‘At stake for China is not only the regional security situation but also its newfound role as a broker in shuttle diplomacy.’
    • ‘Deputy prime minister John Prescott, a veteran of previous scrambles to broker peace between Blair and Brown, is believed to have repeated the shuttle diplomacy at Westminster.’
    • ‘The embassy officials stressed his four-day trip was intended to be part of a shuttle diplomacy process.’
    • ‘His shuttle diplomacy produced more show than substance.’
    mediation, intermediation, negotiation, arbitration, conciliation, intervention, interposition, involvement, action