Meaning of shyly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃʌɪli/

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  • In a nervous or timid manner.

    ‘she smiles shyly, blushing a little’
    • ‘A dozen girls in ruffled skirts stand, shifting their weight from foot to foot, gazing shyly at their reflections in the mirror.’
    • ‘Some children approached him shyly, accompanied by their parents.’
    • ‘He glances around shyly, perhaps looking for someone.’
    • ‘I look shyly at the man at my side.’
    • ‘The sun glances shyly over the vaulted roof of the cave.’
    • ‘This guy asked me shyly for a glass of water.’
    • ‘Even she, on her fifth try for the presidency, has shyly brought her boyfriend to the fore.’
    • ‘Shyly, almost painfully, he tells her that he loves her.’
    • ‘Beside roaring factories and in sequestered nooks on which deer and bear peer shyly from nearby leafy coverts, there have sprung up innumerable gardens.’
    • ‘Children peer shyly from dark homes.’