Meaning of sibia in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪbɪə/


  • A southern Asian songbird of the babbler family, typically having a blackish or greyish head and a long tail.

    Genus Heterophasia (and Crocias), family Timaliidae: several species

    ‘Many white-eared sibias stingingly lovely are living in the woods.’
    • ‘White-eared sibias are endemic to Taiwan and usually appear in middle and upper levels of wild or mixed coniferous broad-leaved forests at 1000-2500m elevations.’
    • ‘Here we seek barbets, laughingthrushes, whistling-thrushes, sibias, and pheasants in the oak, rhododendron, and Sal forests.’
    • ‘2006 to Present sibia is in your extended network sibia's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog] sibia's Blurbs’
    • ‘After this wonderful start, we decided to head into the sanctuary in the jeep, often stopping when we heard or saw mixed flocks of laughing thrushes, yuhinas, barwings and sibias.’
    • ‘You can see exotic birds like cuckoos, owls, nightjars, barbets, hoopoe, yellow-billed magpies and black-capped sibias and mammals including langurs and furry pikas.’
    • ‘We will explore Thailand's most famous birding site where a whole collection of uniquely Asian groups such as ioras, barwings, mesias, minlas, sibias, and niltavas will dazzle us with brilliant color and patterning.’
    • ‘We will encounter mixed flocks containing barwings, parrotbills, scimitar - babblers, sibias and Sultan Tits, which all add up to an unforgettable birding experience!’
    • ‘Langtang has one hundred and sixty species of birds (cuckoos, owls, barbets, nightjars, black-capped sibias, yellow-billed magpies) and over thirty species of mammals.’
    • ‘All along the river the common sights are river chats, dippers, flycatchers, and sibias, wall creepers, bulbuls, forktales, ibisi bills, cormorants are among the 400 species of birds to name a few.’
    • ‘Additional forest species that can be difficult to locate are mid-canopy species such as shrike-babblers barwings, sibias and two species of Crocias.’


Nepali sibya.