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sick benefit

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‘On January 31, the judge approved cuts in wages and sick benefits effective February 1 through May 31 for the company's mechanics and cleaners.’
  • ‘Meanwhile, 150 technicians, members of CWA Local 3673 in western North Carolina, continue their walkout against excessive forced overtime and Verizon's demands for give-backs in family and sick benefits.’
  • ‘Black women had significant leadership roles in thousands of lodges in cities ranging from New Orleans to New York that dispensed vast amounts of sick benefits, many continuously for decades.’
  • ‘The increase continues the relentless rise of sick benefits across the UK over the past 20 years, which has soared five-fold in that time.’
  • ‘Ministers therefore face the accusation that the sick benefits system is skewed to ensure that more people go on Incapacity Benefits rather than onto a Jobseeker's Allowance.’
  • ‘Security workers are angry at attempts to axe 150 jobs, while increasing working hours and cutting pay and sick benefits.’
  • ‘The Professional Conduct Committee made a finding of professional misconduct against a member who collected sick benefits from one employer while working a shift as a nurse at another site of the same employer on 23 occasions.’
  • ‘District benevolent and social societies helped dispense sick benefits, saw to funerals, shipped bodies to resting places beyond the district, and supported widows and orphans.’
  • ‘Mrs. Hayward plead for temporary need after her employment insurance and sick benefits ran out in the latter part of 2000.’
  • ‘Mr. Carter improved after he was out of the work environment, and rather than sitting back and collecting sick benefits, he actively looked for work.’
  • ‘In both the IOOF and KP examples, the decline of the sick benefit arrangement looks identical to that described for the Loyal Order of the Moose in 1953 in Beito's final chapter ‘Vanishing Fraternalism.’’
  • ‘Many years ago now I was on sick benefit for clinical depression, a condition which I believe was exacerbated by unemployment.’
  • ‘A working widow pays the full amount of insurance and when she is out of work she is only entitled to half sick benefit.’