Meaning of sickbed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪkbɛd/

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  • An invalid's bed (often used to refer to the state or condition of being an invalid)

    ‘he had climbed from his sickbed to help the club’
    • ‘But prop star Smith showed he can be the club's talisman when fit by climbing off his sickbed last Saturday to set Pock on their way to victory over Beverley.’
    • ‘Usually rendered as Good Samaritans, doctors in paintings typically hover near sickbeds or deathbeds, dispensing solace and advice.’
    • ‘The information is, however, locked inside the heads of the old wire-benders, designers, musicians, panmen and others - many of whom are in their twilight years or on their sickbeds.’
    • ‘So far only 10 per cent of hospitals in China can meet the nationally accepted ratio of 1: 0.4 between sickbeds and nurses.’
    • ‘Not even sickbeds were a haven from the violence.’
    • ‘A new ward has been opened at the hospital to help deal with the massive increase in admissions, while nurses are dragging themselves out of their own sickbeds to care for patients.’
    • ‘‘Look at this picture,’ she says of a photo taken in Kahlo's last years, of Rivera visiting her sickbed.’
    • ‘Worrying and praying for New Orleans feels like being at the sickbed of a relative struggling to stay in this world, but you know that the chances aren't good, and you need to prepare yourself for the worst.’
    • ‘Four years ago as he waited for his liver transplant, the seriously ill ex-international left his sickbed to attend a game against Spain, and to go onto the pitch with youngsters to promote peace and harmony.’
    • ‘There's not only a killer at large on the island, there's also a deadly disease in the air, and Dalgliesh spends the latter half of the investigation confined to his sickbed while the two younger officers act for him.’
    • ‘Removing or diminishing support now would be more akin to violently smothering someone in their sickbed than simply letting them die ‘gracefully.’’
    • ‘Once I'd thought that this would be the epic end of my saga, but now I knew that whatever epiphanies I'd been allotted had come at the edge of his sickbed.’
    • ‘Confined to his sickbed, the artist was able to continue his work by ‘drawing scissors’, cutting shapes in coloured paper and pinning them to the wall of his studio.’
    • ‘When he unhelpfully insisted on surviving, the multi-talented Borgias produced brother Cesare to strangle him in his sickbed.’
    • ‘All a man needs when he's in his sickbed is a little sympathy, a little caring and a little consideration - and that's ALL I got.’
    • ‘She was suffering from flu but left her sickbed against her doctor's advice to get to the town hall in a car specially sent for her by the Observer.’
    • ‘He is also extremely discreet at the confessional, by the sickbed, in pastoral conversation.’
    • ‘Some students are still in hospital or their sickbed, while others have gone back in wheelchairs or using walking sticks.’
    • ‘On Wednesday, I hauled myself off my sickbed, took a lot of drugs and got on the train to Edinburgh.’
    • ‘Ministers had been ordered back from abroad and one MP told to leave his sickbed to avoid such humiliation.’