Meaning of sickener in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪk(ə)nə/


  • 1 informal Something which causes disgust or severe disappointment.

    • ‘the goal was a real sickener for a Linfield defence’
    • ‘We have done wonders to get to host the conference and it would be a real sickener if financial problems wreck all the hard work.’
    • ‘Mr Rothwell added: ‘It's a real sickener and I would appeal to the thieves to at least give us back the things which are clearly of no use to them, or to anyone else.’’
    • ‘We thought we had a great chance after that, of winning Leinster, but Louth beat us by a point and that was a real sickener.’
    • ‘It is a real sickener and it has taken the shine off the result.’
    • ‘I'd have thought he'd be out of action for four to eight weeks which is a real sickener.’
    • ‘It was a real sickener, but I've got to get on with it now and get playing again.’
    • ‘I'm just glad there was nothing riding on the game, otherwise that would have been a real sickener.’
    • ‘But after coaching the Bolton-based lightweight since he was 11 it's a real sickener for him not to see the job through on the biggest stage in the world.’
    • ‘The real sickener about the situation is that she recently changed insurance companies.’
    • ‘Saturday's result was a real sickener for Barrow who believed Swansea's early goal proved crucial.’
    • ‘‘To come in at full-time and find we had gone bottom of the league was a real sickener,’ said the veteran striker.’
    • ‘They hit us on the break just before half-time, which was a bit of a sickener.’
    • ‘It was a sickener, but it shows that if you can just get in the play-offs you never know what could happen.’
    • ‘‘I was pleased with the performance but the result is a bit of a sickener when it was us who created most of the chances in the game,’ said the manager of the team.’
    • ‘But to concede again straight away was a sickener.’
    • ‘It was a sickener for Schofield who had already missed two matches because of his previous injury and is now out of the last game of the tour against Western Province Academy.’
    • ‘Last Sunday's single point defeat at Widnes was a sickener for Harrison and his players.’
    • ‘It ended a run of 14 games unbeaten and it was a sickener to concede in injury time of both halves.’
    • ‘We've been working towards it for the whole year and especially after the sickener of losing last year.’
    • ‘Rewinding some paragraphs post-appreciation, one can almost believe Kinsella's one-sheet sickener.’
  • 2the sickenerA poisonous toadstool with a red cap and a white or cream-coloured stem and gills, found in both Eurasia and North America.

    Genus Russula, family Russulaceae, class Hymenomycetes, in particular R. emetica