Meaning of sickle-shaped in English:



  • Having the shape of a crescent.

    ‘a sickle-shaped scar’
    • ‘On our way back, we spotted a pair of sickle-shaped fins cutting through the water.’
    • ‘Just along the road is Emily Bay, the sickle-shaped main swimming beach, with inviting yellow sand.’
    • ‘The sickle-shaped blood cells also tend to abnormally stick together, causing obstruction of blood vessels.’
    • ‘It is a hereditary form of anaemia occuring mainly in black people in which a large number of blood cells become sickle-shaped.’
    • ‘It has a sickle-shaped blade on the end of its tail, raised over its head like a scorpion.’
    • ‘Most dolphins are small to medium-sized animals with a well-developed beak and a central sickle-shaped dorsal fin curving backwards.’
    • ‘They are slightly larger than swallows and have long sickle-shaped wings.’
    • ‘The pectoral fins are narrow and sickle-shaped with a pointed tip.’
    • ‘When tiny blood vessels in the eye become blocked with sickle-shaped cells, vision problems and even blindness can result.’
    • ‘The sides of the animal were covered with knife-shaped scales, the edges of the belly had sickle-shaped scales.’
    • ‘If sickle-shaped cells block a blood vessel in the brain, a stroke can result.’
    • ‘I ask about the sickle-shaped wound on his forehead.’
    • ‘Their sickle-shaped wings are well adapted for high-speed flight.’
    • ‘Active by day, adults are swift and ferocious predators that seize small prey with powerful sickle-shaped jaws.’
    • ‘MacArthur's landing point stands in the exact centre of a vast, sickle-shaped sweep of civilisations running from the north of Scotland to Gibraltar, or Shetland to the Azores.’
    • ‘Both sexes develop a sickle-shaped, pheasant-tail during the breeding season.’
    • ‘We have a chart and know of course to find Ursa Major, then follow a line down to Regulus, a bright star at the foot of the sickle-shaped line of stars that forms the head of Leo.’
    • ‘First there's nothing, then a shadow of sea water takes shape in the gloom, a dark eye over a sickle-shaped mouth, and the shark swims slowly past my cage.’
    • ‘The sickle-shaped lake is 395 miles long, up to 49 miles wide, and up to 5710 feet deep.’
    • ‘Nildon cut the motor so we could watch their water ballet: again and again, their sickle-shaped fins sliced through the water, side by side.’
    half-moon, sickle-shape, semicircle