Meaning of sicklebill in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪk(ə)lbɪl/


  • Any of a number of birds with a long, narrow downcurved bill.

    a tropical American hummingbird (genus Eutoxeres, family Trochilidae: two species).
    a New Guinea bird of paradise (two genera in the family Paradisaeidae).

    ‘The rat-a-tat-tat of the brown sicklebill could be likened to machine-gun fire.’
    • ‘Sicklebills have evolved a long, curved beak used to probe for insects in thick moss and tree bark.’
    • ‘Carved from Lapis Lazuli a duck Egyptians saw a mysterious connection between the sicklebills of the ibises and the crescent moon.’
    • ‘For bird-watching, the park is home to exotic species that can be difficult to view elsewhere, such as violet hummingbirds, white-tipped sicklebills, and orange-bellied trogons.’
    • ‘The sicklebills are predominantly insectivorous and possess long down-curved bills which they use for digging insects out of rotten wood, or from behind bark.’
    • ‘Some species, such as the blue bird of paradise and the black sicklebill, are hunted for their beautiful, bright plumage and/or skins; others are hunted for food.’
    • ‘Then experience the completely different habitats of El Valle, searching for orange - bellied trogons, black - crowned antpittas, white-tipped sicklebills & the like.’
    • ‘I have just returned from 10 days in Panama where my favorite birds were White-tipped sicklebill, Rufous-crested coquette, and Brown-billed scythebill.’
    • ‘Champions among these are the two species of sicklebills, whose bills are the only ones that properly slip into flowers of the Andean lobelioids that are bent at a ninety-degree angle.’