Meaning of siddhi in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪdi/

nounplural noun siddhis

  • 1mass noun Complete understanding; enlightenment.

    ‘It is profoundly significant that the epic declares her to be the incarnation of siddhi, fulfilment.’
    • ‘Acquiring siddhi through Tantric discipline does not really rely on a physical partnership because transcendence relies on devotional practices and surrendering of the ego.’
    • ‘They called it siddhi, an altered consciousness.’
    • ‘This place is supposed to be appropriate for attaining siddhi (divine powers).’
    • ‘Those who are mainly interested in the transcendental siddhi of buddhahood are given all eleven initiations.’
  • 2A paranormal power possessed by a siddha.

    ‘It is easy to attain all of the siddhis (yoga powers).’
    • ‘Gurudeva was blessed with special siddhis, or psychic powers.’
    • ‘In the Hindu Upanishads, the soul's flight in the sky appears as one of the six siddhis or supernormal powers attained by the enlightened.’
    • ‘This concentrated tantric yoga practice, which included sexuality as its mainstay, allowed her to cultivate powerful siddhis.’
    • ‘The whole notion of enlightenment is talked of as some fugue like bliss state, with corresponding siddhis, or omnipotence or whatever.’