Meaning of side-eye in English:



informal mainly US usually the side-eye
  • A sidelong glance expressing disapproval or contempt.

    • ‘after we complained of being ignored she kept giving me the side-eye’
    • ‘she casts a side-eye and nods dubiously’
    • ‘Mary shot Lola the most white-hot side-eye a camera has ever captured.’
    • ‘The side-eyes of all the ladies around her are priceless.’
    • ‘We can't help but smile at her cute facial expressions, especially the epic side eye she gives to a bystander.’
    • ‘After a slight pause and requisite side-eye, Carey mumbles, "I agree."’
    • ‘Just don't be one of those wimps who orders a side salad, or you'll get some serious side-eye.’
    • ‘Porsha and Kenya shoot side eyes at each other but they keep it civil.’
    • ‘I'll absolutely give the side eye to the guy who sneezes without covering his mouth or the woman who coughs into her hands and touches my phone.’
    • ‘We had a great time overall - being a horde of college kids provoked a bit of side-eye from the staff.’
    • ‘We ended up having to ask to be re-seated because after we complained about being ignored she kept giving me the side-eye and I gave it right back to her.’
    • ‘I'm giving some major side-eye to the network's next project.’