Meaning of side-necked turtle in English:

side-necked turtle


  • A freshwater turtle with a relatively long head and neck that is retracted sideways into the shell for defence.

    Suborder Pleurodira: families Chelidae (South America and Australasia) and Pelomedusidae (South America and southern Africa), and several genera

    ‘The carapace of this appealing side-necked turtle is a medium to charcoal gray color with no design.’
    • ‘This turtle is a side-necked turtle, as are all turtle species of New Guinea and Australia.’
    • ‘The 70 or so species of side-necked turtles bend their necks sideways and tuck their heads in under the front edge of the upper shell.’
    • ‘Modern side-necked turtles are found only in the southern hemisphere and withdraw their heads sideways under the shell.’
    • ‘The side-necked turtles retracted their heads sideways, while the arch-necked turtles folded their necks in an S-like shape.’