Meaning of side-wheeler in English:



North American
  • A steamer with paddle wheels on either side.

    ‘Before it closed in 1996, 513 ships were built here, from the side-wheeler USS Saginaw to the nuclear submarine USS Drum.’
    • ‘Arguably the sleekest of the blockade runners making the dangerous trips between Havana and Mobile was the side-wheeler Denbigh, built in the shipyards of John Laird & Sons of Birkenhead, near Liverpool, England, in 1860.’
    • ‘The first three Union gunboats on the Mississippi were converted side-wheelers, averaging 180 feet in length, with 42-foot beams, and drawing about 6 feet of water.’
    • ‘Many of them were small side-wheelers about seventy-five feet long with one boiler and one small, slide-valve engine geared to the stiff shaft running across decks to which both wheels were attached.’
    • ‘The first steamboats on the rivers were side- wheelers; but they were not the best for the business of these shallow rivers, and the later ones have been stern-wheelers.’