Meaning of side chair in English:

side chair


  • An upright wooden chair without arms.

    ‘Seated on a side chair, he gazes longingly at a pastel drawing of a woman that hangs on the wall.’
    • ‘The Biggs armchair has trifid feet whereas the side chair has claw-and-ball feet and carved shells on the knees, but on both chairs the legs are more amply proportioned than the more linear legs of many Queen Anne chairs predating 1750.’
    • ‘This armchair is part of the same set as a side chair with a reliable Delaware origin.’
    • ‘Riddick sat in a side chair, watching Daska's face.’
    • ‘The side chair was made to Godwin's designs by William Watt of Grafton Street, London, one of the many manufacturers who executed Godwin's furniture.’
    • ‘They start at about £135 for a side chair in a range of colours and are available from design shops or online retailers such as’
    • ‘Later the same year, Cogar bought a walnut side chair of about 1735 that is virtually identical to a set of chairs sold in London in 1965.’
    • ‘The papier-mache side chair is extensively inlaid with mother-of-pearl and was probably made in Birmingham, England, between 1845 and 1855.’
    • ‘The mid-eighteenth-century side chair at the far end of the hall, covered with the same moreen, has a long history of ownership in New Jersey, and was possibly made in the Delaware River valley.’
    • ‘Further confusing the situation is a side chair in the Brooklyn Museum of Art in Brooklyn, New York, that seems to match the three Loockerman ribbon-backed chairs with a pierced hole.’
    • ‘The side chair to its left may be one of the eight by John Townsend of which two are now at the Newport Restoration Foundation.’
    • ‘It could liven things up in an otherwise dull room, by providing an eye-catching accent if used to paint a side chair, a bookshelf, or other smaller piece.’
    • ‘Joe had a motorbike and a side chair for several years.’
    • ‘Cast floral elements analogous to the one on the back of the side chair and fans identical to those on the table adorn the framework.’
    • ‘I was sitting upside down on the passenger side chair so I had the weird feeling that I was looking at Bryce from upside down.’
    • ‘The mahogany side chair of about 1800 to the right of the chest is another New York City example.’
    • ‘I started to take off my coat and placed it on a side chair and then removed my heels.’
    • ‘In terms of color, the blue of the side chair seats echoes the blue of the inlaid chess board, which then is seen in the cushion on the chair, which in turn is picked up in the flooring.’
    • ‘The historical society collection also includes a walnut Queen Anne style side chair made in Philadelphia between about 1735 and 1750.’
    • ‘At the table, I paired up old oak arm and side chairs with contemporary wicker Parsons chairs that have fabulous curved backs.’