Meaning of side door in English:

side door


  • A door at the side of a building.

    ‘With yawning rear doors and a sliding side door, loading up is made very easy.’
    • ‘We enter the building using a side door and scurry along the corridors.’
    • ‘There was a front door and a side door, and John rarely used the front one.’
    • ‘Megan and we bridesmaids were ushered into the side door of the building to prevent her from being seen.’
    • ‘Two of the intruders who had gone out of the front door re-entered and went out of the side door attempting to get out by way of a locked gate.’
    • ‘Lecate nodded and they crept through the door into the outer courtyard and through a side door into the palace.’
    • ‘He side-stepped over to the side of the building, making his way to a side door.’
    • ‘Firefighters had to force an entry through a side door of the semi-detached house in Chorley Old Road, Johnson Fold.’
    • ‘I watched discreetly as a side door opened and one of his daughters emerged and strolled elegantly off to college with a bag of books at her side.’
    • ‘They dashed through a side door and up a flight of stairs before hammering on the doors and making as much noise as possible.’
    • ‘Before he entered the side door of the house there was a brief scuffle with a freelance photographer who attempted to take his picture.’
    • ‘Not only that, but the reason the porter never saw Michael leaving, is because he used the side door of the hotel.’
    • ‘She alerted police before seeing the youth try to open a side door when holding what she thought was a long, shiny screwdriver.’
    • ‘I remember the side door at the club, which couldn't be blocked off for safety reasons.’
    • ‘I sprint into the kitchen and hammer on the window, waving and gesticulating towards the side door.’
    • ‘Wishart offered to pay the reporter cash and arranged to meet him at the side door of his restaurant.’
    • ‘My friend John is a church organist, and was disturbed by a knocking on the side door to the church.’
    • ‘As darkness falls I slip through the side door of the bar and scan the room for a suitable place to sit.’
    • ‘The front entrance has a flight of steps that are too steep to ramp and the side door leads on to the busy Kingsbury Street.’
    • ‘This room has wooden floors and a side door leading to the garden.’