Meaning of side stream in English:

side stream


  • A tributary stream.

    ‘We pushed on and were just thinking that it wasn't going to be easy to get much further when we were rewarded by a waterfall on a side stream, a thin ribbon dropping perhaps forty feet to a platform and then further into a pool.’
    • ‘Police say 60-year-old Kenneth Jagger had been walking on tree trunks across the River Roch when he slipped, falling 10 feet into a side stream.’
    • ‘A side stream of the Quoile was visibly contaminated with human sewage and other wastes.’
    • ‘Eventually you will come up against a small weir with a fast flowing side stream flowing in on your left hand side.’
    • ‘After a couple of side streams, a finger of forest, the most organic black tin sheet creations and an old gateway or two we found ourselves returned to our outward territory of Hamer Moor.’
    • ‘The Nidd was clear, probably would have been for another hour or so, but coloured water was already gushing in from side streams.’
    • ‘For two days we hiked along the bottoms of immense canyons, in the shadows, jumping boulders, fording side streams, imagining Marco Polo doing the same thing.’
    • ‘The mouths of side streams also attract fish - more so if there is some overhead cover from willows, alders or some other trees.’
    headwater, branch, feeder, side stream