Meaning of side trip in English:

side trip


  • A minor excursion during a voyage or trip.

    ‘the tributaries provide some interesting side trips’
    • ‘While there, he took a side trip into the heart of the Himalayas, on a trek along the Annapurna Circuit.’
    • ‘A popular side trip that morning was to hop off the bike and walk down to the beautiful Yerung Gorge.’
    • ‘The next day, on a side trip to the tiny Dutch volcanic island of Saba, I saw more artifacts created by people who passed through the archipelago long before the Caribs: exquisitely carved stone fish and other figurines.’
    • ‘I have just finished a side trip through Havelock, Iowa, which I hadn't seen in some forty years, and now I resume the drive north, working my way towards Emmetsburg.’
    • ‘Passengers calling in Skagway have the additional option of a side trip to the storied Canadian Yukon - land of Robert Service and Jack London.’
    • ‘Zhao said she had taken a business trip in Pennsylvania, exploring a possible timber deal for a company where she works, before deciding to take a side trip to see Niagara Falls.’
    • ‘He loved the wild and skiing, and was planning to move to Colorado when a side trip to see a friend in Idaho made him realize he could achieve his own private dream right there.’
    • ‘If you're looking for an inexpensive side trip, consider taking a half-hour train ride to Bratislava in Slovakia.’
    • ‘Zhao, who owns a furniture company in the Chinese coastal city of Tianjin, was in Pennsylvania on business when she took a side trip to Niagara Falls.’
    • ‘Since we didn't see the castle, my husband must have felt that we failed in our tourist duties and suggested a side trip to Canterbury.’
    • ‘A quarter of a mile or so into our side trip the herd materialized, to our surprise, almost out of nowhere.’
    • ‘The two decided to take a side trip to the Philippines, a unique country of small islands in the Pacific.’
    • ‘A side trip to the Hunter Valley, which is within easy reach of Sydney, will provide rich bounty for the wine buff.’
    • ‘When Nick proposes a quick side trip to Hong Kong, Darlene convinces Alice to come along.’
    • ‘On a side trip there is also a historic saw-pit with information on this method of work.’
    • ‘If your trip was primarily for business and while at your business destination, you extended your stay for vacation or made a non-business side trip, you can deduct travel expenses to and from your business destination.’
    • ‘To see just how lovely lobelia looks in hanging baskets, take a little side trip to Meadowview for a while and feast your eyes on some gorgeous hanging baskets filled with lobelia.’
    • ‘Heading east on Route 29, you might make a side trip to the Saratoga Battlefields, or pick up Route 4 north toward Glens Falls.’
    • ‘Leaving the parking lot, a brief side trip into the pine woods nearby yielded a nice patch of Goodyera pubescens, with several in good bloom.’
    • ‘After walking around for hours on end, they decided to leave the mall and take a side trip to the local bookstore where they bought several books each.’