Meaning of sideload in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪdləʊd/


[with object]
  • 1Computing
    Install (software, especially an app) obtained from a third-party source rather than an official retailer.

    ‘when you sideload an app from the Web, you're installing an unapproved app from an unknown developer’
    • ‘When I want to sideload a trusted app like Flash I turn it off and then turn it on again right after.’
    • ‘Learning to sideload an app is a handy skill.’
    • ‘You'll have to sideload the app, so make sure to enable that in the settings.’
    • ‘If you know what you're doing, it's possible to download Android apps and sideload them.’
    • ‘if you want to enjoy any of these services, you'll have to sideload them onto your device.’
    • ‘I can still just sideload the ad-blockers very easily.’
    • ‘Now that they are nearing the final release they have opened up a public beta for you to sideload.’
    • ‘I like the idea of scanning third party apps that you sideload because it 's too easy to download malware.’
    • ‘It works beautifully but the only downside is you have to sideload it.’
    • ‘Those users who have sideloaded the apps are now having mixed results.’
    1. 1.1Copy or transfer (data) from one device to another directly, typically by means of a link such as a USB cable or wireless connection.
      ‘you'll need to connect your tablet up to your PC and sideload the file’
      • ‘The only solution for offline music seems to be to sideload any music you want to your devices.’
      • ‘If you're looking to take your films on the move you'll have to source them elsewhere and sideload the files.’
      • ‘You'll need to sideload the downloaded file onto your Kindle.’
      • ‘You can also sideload the data directly to your device.’
      • ‘They are able to sideload the tracks to their phones.’
      • ‘Its figures do not include people who only sideload music from their PC to their phone.’
      • ‘If you've switched to a streaming service, you'll need to remember how to sideload your collection.’
      • ‘I am trying to sideload some music and video to my phone.’
      • ‘You can sideload movie files if you have them on your PC.’
      • ‘I did a hard reset after sideloading the files.’


Early 21st century from side + load, on the pattern of download and upload.