Meaning of siderostat in English:



  • An instrument used for keeping the image of a celestial object in a fixed position.

    ‘The six mirrors, or siderostats, are mounted at regular intervals along a Y-shaped set of tubes.’
    • ‘The six imaging siderostats can be mounted on any one of the concrete piers apparent along the arms of the Y, providing the maximum baseline of 437 meters.’
    • ‘One array consists of four stationary astrometric siderostats with baselines between 18 m and 35 m, while the other contains six movable imaging siderostats with baselines up to 435 m.’
    • ‘ObservatoryScope's heliostats and siderostats were specifically designed to utilize proven off-the-shelf components wherever possible.’
    • ‘The siderostat is designed to survive up to 200 kilometers per hour winds.’



/ˈsʌɪd(ə)rə(ʊ)stat/ /ˈsɪd(ə)rə(ʊ)stat/