Meaning of sidestep in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪdstɛp/

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verbverb sidesteps, verb sidestepping, verb sidestepped

[with object]
  • 1Avoid (someone or something) by stepping sideways.

    ‘he sidestepped a defender and crossed the ball’
    • ‘‘Apparently not,’ he said, sidestepping her and walking past her.’
    • ‘He waved his hand impatiently as he quickly sidestepped the waterfall and walked briskly down the shaded stone path.’
    • ‘I run down Courtenay Place, sidestepping someone as I swerve at speed onto Taranaki Street, passing the doctor's and the florist and leaping across the road beside the bookstore.’
    • ‘I tried to bolt, sidestepping Maxim's frail attempts to stop me and opening the lock as I had the last time.’
    • ‘Quickly, he sidesteps the form and continues on another few steps before he finds himself inexplicably stopped and staring up in to the rain.’
    • ‘A clot of the former were self-consciously sipping absinthe at the bar on the ground floor, so I sidestepped them and ascended the short flight of steps to the dining room above.’
    • ‘Ilivdorl charged ahead, but Valdaer, a master of combat, sidestepped the attack, though he winced as he stepped on his injured leg.’
    • ‘‘I'd rather walk,’ I responded curtly, sidestepping him and hurrying for the door.’
    • ‘He began walking towards me again and this time I sidestepped him entirely.’
    • ‘There she was, walking towards me down the hall, taking the effort to sidestep a few people she would usually probably have pushed between the middle of, and slowing her steps as she approached me, making me do the same.’
    • ‘Too crabby and distracted to pay attention to where he's walking, Greg barely manages to sidestep a pair of nurses wheeling a gurney down the hall.’
    • ‘Pedestrians are required to be agile and be able to sidestep all obstacles that they will encounter whilst walking.’
    • ‘He remains one of the league's top ballcarriers, a player who can beat defenders by lowering his shoulder or sidestepping them.’
    • ‘Foreign arrivals last summer were obliged to duck under scaffolding and sidestep earsplitting riveters and sandblasters in order to reach a makeshift passport control desk.’
    • ‘Buttons on the cane's handle vibrate gently to warn a user to dodge low ceilings and sidestep objects blocking their path.’
    • ‘Effortlessly sidestepping a wayward javelin, the Grand Master leapt into the fray, landing with such force that several Serpent-Men were sent sprawling backwards.’
    • ‘Philip lunged once more and Caleb merely sidestepped his advance, sustaining a minor hit but nothing like he first endured.’
    • ‘Brunton calmly sidestepped out the way, and lifted up his hand, palm out.’
    • ‘She sidesteps away as the two crash into each other.’
    • ‘She screeched to a halt so abruptly that he nearly crashed into her, settling for merely sidestepping out of the way instead.’
    1. 1.1Avoid dealing with or discussing (something problematic or disagreeable)
      ‘he neatly sidestepped the questions about riots’
      • ‘And getting together for tea neatly sidesteps the tricky business-lunch question of whether it's appropriate to drink.’
      • ‘Her questions had been neatly sidestepped and deflected.’
      • ‘Despite its potential to broach the complex issue of integration to a mainstream audience, Radio manages to neatly sidestep all of the problems that typically plague students with disabilities.’
      • ‘In chronicling the romance of two forty-somethings wounded by love, the writers neatly sidestep pitfalls that would have plagued a lesser show.’
      • ‘One of the questions that is often sidestepped in these discussions is whether advancements in technology can fundamentally change the character of war.’
      • ‘The abstraction of most of the visuals neatly sidesteps the often glaringly obvious lack of ideas in more figurative work at the same time as it mirrors the nature of the music it accompanies.’
      • ‘The recently announced National Water Policy also conveniently sidesteps the harder questions.’
      • ‘We sat down to lunch and discussed petty things and neatly sidestepped upsetting topics.’
      • ‘And with a succinct bow, he sidestepped to avoid further questioning and briskly started for the other side of the garden.’
      • ‘He is also utterly charming, happy to poke fun at himself, and adept at sidestepping questions he doesn't want to answer.’
      • ‘While the ‘full coverage’ approach to an opening is preferred, Watson sidesteps many of the general problems that arise with this more limiting repertoire approach.’
      • ‘The debate can't be sidestepped by saying that whenever A disagrees with B, we should compromise by going with B's position.’
      • ‘This time, the question of money would be sidestepped by garnering sufficient sponsorship to distribute the magazine free.’
      • ‘She answered some questions diplomatically, but there was only one question that she sidestepped entirely.’
      • ‘Will Baude speaks to the constitutional questions, which I sidestepped in my column in favor of more directly normative ones.’
      • ‘Being a lawyer, he naturally sidestepped most of our questions but did draw attention to additions to the case.’
      • ‘The fact that a rise in rail users reflects increasing frustration with the roads is neatly sidestepped.’
      • ‘Physicians, school counselors, parents and others in the community should avoid sidestepping discussions of mental illness.’
      • ‘At the same time, she deftly sidesteps the temptation of the Oriental picturesque, to which numerous other authors on this subject have succumbed.’
      • ‘His assertion sidesteps two equally critical issues.’
      avoid, evade, dodge, escape, elude, circumvent, skirt round, give a wide berth to, find a way round, bypass, steer clear of, get out of, shirk
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    2. 1.2Skiing no object Climb or descend by lifting alternate skis while facing sideways on the slope.
      ‘we learned how to sidestep up the slope and slide cautiously down’
      • ‘Everybody, even our best skiers, cautiously sidestepped down the first narrow pitch, then made cautious traverses and kick turns.’
      • ‘As skiers did prior to machine grooming, we sidestepped and herringboned uphill to pack down the powder and skied down several times.’
      • ‘If it's short, you can sidestep down the slope: face across the hill and step sideways down.’
      • ‘Then Greg starts down again, sidestepping down the face.’
      • ‘He'd traverse a bit, sidestep into position, then make a few turns.’


  • A step taken sideways, typically to avoid someone or something.

    ‘a boxercise workout that incorporates an intricate combination of sidesteps with left and right hooks’
    • ‘With a parry and a sidestep, he deftly avoided the deadly club.’
    • ‘Mike pushed his way through the crowd, dekeing out the gawking barricades with daring sidesteps and inexpert but effective shoulder-blocks.’
    • ‘It's two steps forward, one step backward, and then a sidestep.’
    • ‘Warm up for five minutes by skipping and doing sidesteps, crossover runs, and backward runs in 30-yard increments.’
    • ‘Finally in the ward, I do an agile sidestep as a nurse strolls past, the syringe she has just administered an injection with held in front of her like a lance.’
    • ‘One can only guess at how wealthy McGuckian is and direct attempts to elicit this information are met with gently indulgent verbal sidesteps.’
    • ‘He made two audacious sidesteps on a 40-metre dash up the middle to releasing Mark Bowman, who was just held close to the line.’
    • ‘With a nimble sidestep, I directed the hunched teenage rider neatly under my outstretched arm holding my overnight bag until, in a flash, he vanished in the swirl of cars, taxis and buses.’
    • ‘The two combatants once again faced each other, taking a couple of sidesteps, swords at the ready for the next exchange.’
    • ‘The Spanish boy had already begun to pace, moving to circle about her with slow, measured sidesteps.’
    • ‘In a few sidesteps and apologies, he was unlocking his car only ten feet away.’
    • ‘He nodded at the other officer and took a sidestep, a few inches too wide, and promptly crashed into Murphey's desk, sending the detective's telephone and family pictures sailing to the floor.’
    • ‘Michelle threw another punch and took a sidestep.’
    • ‘Herman, though, counters with a sidestep and a karate chop.’
    • ‘If I could just use the magic… A quick sidestep prevented him from being skewered by a fang.’
    • ‘Ullrich performed a two-wheeled sidestep around the pair and, as professional cycling ethics dictate, the entire lead group slowed while Armstrong and Mayo remounted.’
    • ‘The attendant stepped back and covered up his collision with the wall with a juddering sidestep.’
    • ‘With a deft sidestep, he evaded them all, still laughing.’