Meaning of sidewind in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪdˌwʌɪnd/


[no object]
  • (of a sidewinder or other snake) move sideways in a series of S-shaped curves.

    ‘other snakes closely related to the rattler all failed miserably to sidewind up the inclines’
    • ‘the yellow bus came sidewinding down the hill towards them’
    • ‘The narrative is divided into three parts, but sidewinds into layered, dreamlike sequences that skip forward, back, and outside of time completely.’
    • ‘One could not walk the sidewalks casually; one pushed one's way, or sidewinded, through throngs of well-dressed gentlemen and ladies and loud-mouthed costumed rowdies.’
    • ‘A horned viper sidewinds across the African sand.’