Meaning of siege mentality in English:

siege mentality



  • A defensive or paranoid attitude based on the belief that others are hostile towards one.

    ‘once you develop a siege mentality, anything is believable’
    • ‘He let out an almost cartoony frown as he heard the unmistakable reloading of a shotgun and zigzagged past wailing shoals of feverish shoppers who, if he had been inclined towards the siege mentality, seemed to form a deliberate barricade.’
    • ‘And I understand some people wanting to protect their homes in the light of this dreadful attack, but we must not give in to a siege mentality based on fear.’
    • ‘It is certainly not a siege mentality and it is not an attempt to block out the media.’
    • ‘Those pressures have been tremendous and this has perhaps resulted in the community developing a siege mentality.’
    • ‘I recommend developing a siege mentality in the dressing room to assist in keeping the club alive.’
    • ‘It is so frustrating to see teams come out with a siege mentality, a mentality that will win you nothing.’
    • ‘As the day wears on and police and media gather outside, a siege mentality sets in and he begins to realise he's engineered a scenario that can't possibly have a good outcome.’
    • ‘There is now an unsettling siege mentality in this town and I pity regular holidaymakers here with their families.’
    • ‘I honestly seek accommodation with them but I fear the siege mentality of ‘Not an Inch’ and ‘No Surrender’ will always be the order of the day.’
    • ‘Staff in the centres are under a siege mentality at the moment because everyone appears to be having a dig at them.’
    • ‘According to a local postmistress, who did not want to be named, businesses have been forced out of the area and a siege mentality, where shop owners live with the daily threat of violence, prevails.’
    • ‘His views are typical of the siege mentality here.’
    • ‘A siege mentality pervades the streets here, where elderly people are too scared to go out at night and stories of muggings, burglaries and joyriders are an everyday occurrence.’
    • ‘The siege mentality of ‘if you're not for us, you're against us’ must be replaced by opportunities for more open and frank exchange of views and ideas.’
    • ‘Protesters complain that this defensive structure is an outrage - an infringement on free speech that will only incite a siege mentality.’
    • ‘There is something of a siege mentality about him, a manager who limits his co-operation with the media and answers critics by pointing to results.’
    • ‘The Williams family has always had a siege mentality.’
    • ‘An early goal, a sending off or a disallowed goal, for example, can make the players adopt a siege mentality which can inspire them to that extra effort.’
    • ‘Personally I don't think it looks good, that they've adopted a siege mentality and battened down the hatches.’
    • ‘It was against this background that both sides went into the first briefing with a siege mentality.’