Meaning of Sierra Leonean in English:

Sierra Leonean


  • Relating to or characteristic of Sierra Leone or its people.

    ‘a documentary by a Sierra Leonean journalist’
    • ‘A rich variety of proverbs exist in the Sierra Leonean languages, and witty exchanges of proverbs are a conversational tradition.’
    • ‘Many Sierra Leonean music and dance traditions are kept alive by the dance company.’
    • ‘One thing that we have gained as a party is the respect of the Sierra Leonean people.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Sierra Leone.

    ‘many Sierra Leoneans celebrated in the street after the announcement’
    • ‘In large metropolitan areas, where the majority of immigrants from Sierra Leone have settled, many Sierra Leoneans have earned college degrees and entered a variety of professions.’
    • ‘This is the festive season where Sierra Leoneans often celebrate with families in a flamboyant and joyous manner.’
    • ‘The project is a big boost to the community and that the whole area would attract a lot of Sierra Leoneans once work officially commences.’


Sierra Leonean

/sɪˌɛrə lɪˈəʊnɪən/