Meaning of sieve cell in English:

sieve cell


  • A sieve element of a primitive type present in ferns and gymnosperms, with narrow pores and no sieve plate.

    ‘Vessel elements, tracheids, fibres, sieve tube elements, sieve cells, and parenchyma cells are the major components of vascular tissue.’
    • ‘When coupled with a thick layer of cuticle or bark, the self-sealing mechanisms of sieve cells apparently protect phloem sap from most herbivores.’
    • ‘Sieve tube members occur in angiosperms, while sieve cells are found in other vascular plants.’
    • ‘These are the sieve cells, through which the nutrients are transported, and the companion cells.’
    • ‘Sieve tubes and sieve cells both lose their nuclei when they become functional as conduits for photosynthates.’