Meaning of sieve element in English:

sieve element


  • An elongated cell in the phloem of a vascular plant, in which the primary wall is perforated by pores through which water is conducted.

    ‘On reaching individual sieve elements of the phloem the terminal hyphae cells differentiate into ‘absorbing hyphae’ which produce finger-like protrusions that surround the sieve element.’
    • ‘In fact, in several species, sucrose transporters have been identified as essential for phloem loading into sieve elements, the phloem-specific photoassimilate-transporting cells.’
    • ‘Little is known about the genetic control of cell type identity leading to the differentiation of vessels, fibres, axial parenchyma cells, sieve elements, or companion cells.’
    • ‘In general, rays are regarded as being necessary for the distribution of assimilates and nutrients in a lateral direction between the sieve elements and xylem across the cambial cell layer.’
    • ‘The host sieve elements of the phloem are lined by haustorial transfer cells of the parasite, which then allow unloading of host phloem solutes into the parasite haustorium.’