Meaning of sieve plate in English:

sieve plate


  • 1Botany
    An area of relatively large pores present in the common end walls of sieve tube elements.

    ‘Between each sieve cell lies a sieve plate with small pores.’
    • ‘Sieve elements close to the cambium were identified by aniline blue fluorescence of their sieve plates (open arrowheads) and were positive for serpins.’
    1. 1.1Zoology A perforated plate in the integument of an invertebrate, especially the madreporite of an echinoderm.
      ‘One of the genital plates serves as the sieve plate, or madreporite, for the water vascular system.’
      • ‘In addition it has a sieve plate, or cribribulla, at the expanded base of each exaulos tube, structures not present in these Ordovician sponges.’