Meaning of sifted in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪftɪd/


  • (of material) having been passed through a sieve.

    ‘30g sifted plain flour’
    • ‘Seven were closed with tight-fitting lids, while the remainder were open, revealing a thin layer of sifted pigment.’
    • ‘It left with 23,000 tons of sifted monazite, bound ultimately for the airship works at Cardington.’
    • ‘The price of 50 kg of sifted maize meal has been reduced by $10.’
    • ‘All my carefully sifted loose-stone paths are now concealed under an untidy blanket of straggly feverfew and so much red clover you could call it a crop.’
    • ‘Mix the eggs into the creamed butter and sugar, then add the sifted dry ingredients and water gradually until you have a thick, soft mixture.’
    • ‘Sprinkle generously with sifted icing sugar and drizzle with olive oil.’
    • ‘It the seed is very small, sprinkle the seed on the top of the soil, then barely cover it with a fine sprinkle of sifted soil.’
    • ‘Coarse, clean sand and small sifted cinders placed round the bulbs should ward off attacks.’
    • ‘Use an equal mixture of sand, loam, and sifted wood ash.’
    • ‘Top-dress lightly with sand, topsoil, and sifted compost, and keep the lawn well watered until the new sprouts emerge.’