Meaning of sight gag in English:

sight gag


  • A visual joke.

    • ‘Its characters are calculatedly charming and the script slyly ends each of its tragic notes with a sight gag (including, unbelievably, its funeral reception scene).’
    • ‘However, when you are scanning the background for a clever sight gag and not watching the main action, there's probably something wrong with the script.’
    • ‘The production design is superb with bright colors everywhere - they go so far as to digitally repaint all the foliage in a countryside scene a garish purply pink - and the director has never met a sight gag he didn't love.’
    • ‘They are so obvious, as if kids can't possibly get a sight gag unless you make it the only thing on screen, and then maybe have one of the characters refer to it just to be sure.’
    • ‘The script provides them with funny, witty dialogue throughout, not to mention the occasional sight gag.’
    • ‘But those who appreciate the occasional sight gag will not leave this film empty-handed.’
    • ‘It's a sight gag that's really only funny the first few times, and after about thirty times, it gets really tired.’
    • ‘Seldom has a sight gag worked so well in an opera production.’
    • ‘Just when you're about to get offended, the scene breezes over to a sight gag.’
    • ‘However, any sense of real drama is impaired by anticipation of the next sight gag.’
    • ‘They might also have been thinking that a broad sight gag would work in the background of a scene.’
    • ‘There is no overt political statement here, it's just an innocuous sight gag.’
    • ‘Here, scribe Fimberg and director Douglas appear far too much in a hurry to get to the next joke or sight gag, and as a consequence we completely stop caring about Flint and what happens to him.’
    • ‘There's no joke, there's no sight gag, there's nothing they find remotely entertaining.’
    • ‘For every philosophical joke there is a pratfall or sight gag offered to balance things out.’
    • ‘The opera features 26 characters in all; each has at least one chance to shine, and Alden finds precisely the right gesture, expression, or inspired sight gag to define a personality and bring it to theatrical life.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the wedding is only a flimsily constructed excuse for Stifler to stumble from one lame sight gag to the next.’
    • ‘Indeed, the majority of the laughs are generated from this one sight gag.’
    • ‘I'm sorry to say that looking at the movie today I found the jokes, sight gags, and puns all to be a little forced.’
    • ‘And it also seems to me that in film, there are comedies that involve sight gags, slapstick, visual stuff, and comedies that are based very much on dialogue and words.’