Meaning of sign-up in English:



mass noun, usually as modifier
  • The action of enrolling for something or of enrolling or employing someone.

    ‘a sign-up fee of £29.95’
    • ‘However, the deadline for his initial sign-up fee of £3,370 is now only weeks away and Jason is now appealing for help.’
    • ‘The new technology does not require software installs, software downloads or any kind of sign-up fees.’
    • ‘Among suggestions from both surfers and authorities are fees, sign-up times, or even a lottery system for permits.’
    • ‘Having lost his wife to this disease, Kevin knew that a slice of the profits from sign-up and monthly renewal fees could go some way in preventing similar tragedies.’
    • ‘The sign-up rate is believed to be partly due to shock recent figures showing one in three deaths of people over 35 in Bradford is smoking-related.’
    • ‘She heads over to the treadmill sign-up guy, they exchange a few brief inaudible words, then she's heading back my way with a big smile on her face.’
    • ‘Army chiefs in Bolton are celebrating the recruitment a record number of candidates in a day in one of their most buoyant sign-up years to date.’
    • ‘York Race For Life organiser David Martin said capacity had been reached ahead of tomorrow's official sign-up deadline.’
    • ‘It's been more than four years since I launched Byliner and for months I've been meaning to look at how sign-up rates had changed.’
    • ‘Organisers hope to sign-up off-licences, restaurants, taxis and buses to the scheme in the near future.’
    • ‘To complete the online sign-up process, you had to give an email address, to which was sent registration information.’
    • ‘To recruit participants, sign-up sheets were posted at a large state university in Southern California.’
    • ‘Only problem was, the tours were all filled by 10 am of the first sign-up day, when I was out of the country.’
    • ‘There are many sites that have very short sign-up processes and others that require you to answer lots of questions.’
    • ‘The sign-up form only explained that Wink was a free service that needed a credit card number for future purchases.’
    • ‘The army has responded to the recruiting slump by increasing the number of recruiters and offering bigger sign-up bonuses.’
    • ‘Subscription services have always used extended previews as sign-up periods.’
    • ‘Some gyms also have sign-up sheets for reserving time to use the equipment.’
    • ‘Competitive and recreational leagues are open for sign-up.’
    • ‘Copy of the Rules and sign-up will be at the tourist Information Office at Castle Park House.’