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sign away

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phrasal verb

(also sign over)
  • sign something away, sign away somethingOfficially relinquish rights or property by signing a deed.

    ‘I have no intention of signing away my inheritance’
    • ‘he signed over the estate to Sir John’
    • ‘It claims there was pressure on locals to sign their property over to oil executives.’
    • ‘He would give her access to all his bank accounts and sign the deed over to her.’
    • ‘So many of our powers have been signed away by successive governments that we can now make only 30 per cent of our own laws.’
    • ‘Under the proposal, the Ks will be signed over to the trust for the nominal £1 fee.’
    • ‘The court heard that both dogs were signed over to the RSPCA, restored to good health and found new homes.’
    • ‘In single-parent families or families where both parents are at sea, the children are signed over to a guardian.’
    • ‘Trouble is, we believed them and signed the whole thing over.’
    • ‘One woman in her 80s was persuaded to sign her home over to them.’
    • ‘If a friend wins the lottery, the only way I'm going to be excited is if they sign the cheque over to me.’
    • ‘However, once I signed the papers as a director I signed away any chance of upholding tenants' rights as these papers banned me from representing the tenants.’
    relinquish, renounce, waive, give up, abandon, reject, surrender, yield, cede, hand over, turn over, do without, dispense with, put aside, set aside, abdicate, abjure, sacrifice, refuse, turn down, spurn
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