Meaning of sign in in English:

sign in

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phrasal verb

  • 1Sign a register to record that one has arrived at a workplace or institution.

    ‘I signed in and took the lift to my room’
    • ‘They carry their own personal ID badges and all visitors must sign in and out of the building.’
    • ‘I suppose that if you didn't sign in on the council register you don't exist!’
    • ‘With a goodbye both Emma and Danny got out of the car and signed in to the hotel.’
    • ‘The clubhouse no longer has the routine where you must sign in if you are not a club member as the bar is leased out.’
    • ‘Dana has just signed in., MSN informed her with a short, annoying sound effect.’
    1. 1.1sign someone in, sign in someoneRecord someone's arrival at a workplace or institution in a register.
      ‘he's signed you in and is waiting for you’
      • ‘The chief fire officer signed him in as a firemen, when he arrived at the station.’
      • ‘They are welcome to use every part of the club as long as they are signed in.’
      • ‘I just hope my papa is correct in his assumption that if he signs me in as a guest it won't be a problem…’
      • ‘Woody signed me in and we made our way back to the Bistro where the group was forming up.’
      • ‘Tickets are $20, but you do need a member to sign you in.’
      • ‘The gig is free and doors open at 8.30 pm, but remember you need a Union member to sign you in.’
      • ‘I walked to the desk, slid on my work apron and signed myself in.’
      • ‘He signed himself out of the hospital and went to Arcadia for an examination from his primary physician, who sent him home.’
      • ‘She went into the clock check-in and signed herself in.’
      • ‘One of them, Ms. Jill, who always makes mommies and daddies sign kids out, said to us ‘good morning’ and she waved.’
    2. 1.2sign something in, sign in somethingSign to indicate that one has returned something borrowed or hired.
      • ‘first I went to the rental car desk and signed in my rental’
  • 2Enter a username and password in order to gain access to a computer system, database, or website.

    ‘every time I signed in on my phone I would get an error message’
    • ‘please sign in to access your account’