Meaning of sign up in English:

sign up

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phrasal verb

  • 1Commit oneself to a period of employment, education, or in the armed forces.

    ‘he was just seventeen when he signed up’
    • ‘she signed up for a ten-week course’
    • ‘I asked the receptionist if I could sign up to volunteer’
    • ‘To what exactly did they think they were committing themselves when they signed up for the job?’
    • ‘She signed up for four movies under prestigious banners, even before a single release!’
    • ‘Instead of doing sporty things, I signed up for a class on willow weaving.’
    • ‘We found this to be an excellent tennis program when our entire family signed up for lessons one year.’
    • ‘A novice in the ways of the waves, I did the sensible thing and signed up for a surf lesson with the Winter brothers.’
    • ‘A roughly equal number of boys and girls signed up for last night's course at Bradford Youth Centre.’
    • ‘This is why I've signed up for the Open University degree in Environmental Science.’
    • ‘Unhappy at home, and with no money to go to college, he had signed up for four years in the US Air Force.’
    • ‘Should people be allowed to not do part of the jobs that they signed up for because of moral objections?’
    • ‘When he signed up for the army it was tantamount to an admission that reality had intruded on his dream.’
    1. 1.1sign someone up, sign up someoneFormally engage someone in employment.
      ‘the company is signing up people to write programs’
      • ‘If Romanov is serious, he should let Robertson identify the players he wants to keep at the club and sign them up on new contracts.’
      • ‘Earlier this year Lipman was signed up to promote her erstwhile employer's arch-rival, the Carphone Warehouse.’
      • ‘In 2003, Walker was signed up by the sportswear manufacturer despite being just three-and-a-half.’
      • ‘They have worked hard in other areas, with suggestions that men of this calibre of might be signed up as support staff for the new coach.’
      • ‘The Bolton TV presenter has been signed up by Radio 1 DJ, becoming the station's third presenter from the town.’
      • ‘The TV veteran and former boxing champion has been signed up as a columnist by the Aberdeen Evening Express.’
      • ‘Former aerospace man Stuart Roby has been signed up to streamline manufacturing processes in the North-west.’
      • ‘Meanwhile she refused to confirm that the actress has been signed up to promote her Ultimo underwear.’
      • ‘The 15-year-old from Worsley has been signed up for a major role in a comedy drama series about teenagers, called The A to Z of Everything.’
      • ‘I'll definitely be getting a place in the Hamptons when Calvin Klein finally signs me up for a worldwide marketing campaign.’
    2. 1.2also sign something up, sign up somethingConclude a business deal.
      ‘the company has signed up with nine food brands’
      • ‘he has already signed up a few orders’
      • ‘There is still some way to go before the deal is signed up and even then it may take some time for any money to be released.’
      • ‘ABL has been operating the centre on behalf of the Council for seven years since it opened but will go it alone as soon as the deal is signed up.’
      • ‘However, those visiting the slopes of Bulgaria will not be covered by the card, as that country is not signed up to the free treatment deal.’
      • ‘What it doesn't have is a religious sect of expensively-suited consultants who could descend on an IT operation and sign it up to lucrative long-term facilities deals.’