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signal box


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(mainly US signal tower)
  • A building beside a railway track from which signals, points, and other equipment are controlled.

    ‘During the war she worked at a munitions factory in Chorley and then in the signal box at Newhey railway station.’
    • ‘The doors also swung open on a Victorian Motor Show, an interactive motor car gallery, veteran car ride, a period Co-op shop and extended street scene including cycle shop, railway signal box, chemist, cinema, and arcade.’
    • ‘The station buildings and signal box at Llanfair are survivors from the Great Western era, and painted in that line's typical brown and cream colour scheme.’
    • ‘Bertie Walsh and Jimmy Kelly both visited the school and afterwards gave the boys a tour of the railway station and the old signal box.’
    • ‘Rail bosses have warmly welcomed plans to transform an old signal box at York Station into a coffee shop and passenger lounge.’
    • ‘When the alarm was activated at the site a signal box at the station would ring.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, services were disrupted for several hours last night on the main Transpennine route, via Huddersfield, after a signal box had to be closed.’
    • ‘‘Realising there was a potential disaster he ran to the emergency phone to call the signal box, but before he got a response, the train came through,’ said Mr Trotter.’
    • ‘You know, you're sitting on a train and you make some innocent comment about how the signal box isn't working properly to the passenger sitting next to you and it turns out he's a train spotter.’
    • ‘He hopes an old signal box, unearthed while digging drainage, can be restored as a further reminder of the line's history.’
    • ‘Look out of the window as your train passes the signal box at Hessay, near Poppleton and you will be treated to a burst of floral colour.’
    • ‘A railway station has been rebuilt near the town, featuring a goods yard, a weighbridge and a signal box.’
    • ‘It's the feeling you get when you're pulling levers in a signal box, keeping trains on time, and safely piloting hundreds of journeys to and from work every minute.’
    • ‘Neary said the Indian Pacific driver could not contact the Penrith signal box on his own radio system because it operated on a different frequency.’
    • ‘The subject of this volume is railway buildings, including bridges and viaducts, stations, signal boxes, and hotel and railway workers' houses.’
    • ‘You could see the local signal box with the signalman busy in it.’
    • ‘Of course half of South London had to abandon their cars last night and of course the rain has short-circuited half the signal boxes on our railways this morning.’
    • ‘The heritage railway offers much to the enthusiast, including two tunnels, two level-crossings, two signal boxes and six stations.’
    • ‘Network Railwill be renewing track, foundations and signalling equipment through Stockport station and upgrading five signal boxes, which date back to Victorian times.’
    • ‘Signalmen, more used to manhandling the heavy levers of Victorian signal boxes, have begun controlling one of the area's busiest junctions with the click of a mouse.’