Meaning of significative in English:


Pronunciation /sɪɡˈnɪfɪkətɪv/


  • Being a symbol or sign of something; having a meaning.

    ‘Here we encounter the third and final function of symbolic meaning, the significative function, which is exhibited most clearly, according to Cassirer, in the ‘pure category of relation.’’
    • ‘Its setting, the courtroom, is a significative and instantly recognizable space, and it relies on a set of props that have been hallowed by centuries of reverential use.’
    • ‘The artist encircles this cross with a line to mark it off as significative.’
    • ‘Since the primary purpose of the script was not to record human speech but to serve as a device for recording economic data, the significative potential of the oldest cuneiform system was rather limited.’
    • ‘Chlebnikov was an assiduous worker of verbal materials, a relentless excavator in the vocabulary: the sound of a root induced him to imagine in it a significative potential that the common language had not developed.’