Meaning of Signor in English:


nounplural noun Signori/siːˈnjɔːri/

(also Signore)
  • A title or form of address used of or to an Italian-speaking man, corresponding to Mr or sir.

    ‘Signor Ugolotti’
    • ‘I am a man of honour, Signor’
    • ‘He wouldn't let me speak English to the flasher customers: I had to say’ Encora caffè, signori?’’
    • ‘You seem to have taken all of the best cards, signore.’
    • ‘‘You are a connoisseur in flowers, signor,’ said Beatrice, with a smile, alluding to the bouquet which he had flung her from the window.’
    • ‘Your room is ready, signor, you are overlooking the bay at the back.’
    • ‘Now see here m'dear, there'll be none of that ‘Signor, Signorina’ business about here.’



/ˈsiːnjɔː/ /siːˈnjɔː/


Italian, from Latin senior (see senior).