Meaning of SIL in English:



  • 1A person's sister-in-law.

    • ‘I think you should tell your SIL that you found her comments upsetting’
    • ‘My nephew has more toys, books and clothes than he needs, and my SIL can find them at better prices than I can anyway.’
    • ‘I was quite appalled at the treatment my SIL received when she had a baby.’
    • ‘When my nephew was born, my SIL's group of close-knit friends referred to themselves as "aunties" to him.’
    • ‘My SIL is infertile yet she loves babies and children.’
    • ‘I told my SIL if she were to go through the operation I would take time off work to look after her and her children.’
    • ‘Quite frankly, I think your SIL should grow up and get over herself.’
  • 2A person's son-in-law.

    • ‘my SIL lives in the UK with our DD and their son’
    • ‘I know she wouldn't dream of saying the same things to her DD and SIL. It's always directed at me.’
    • ‘Still wish my DD had found herself a wonderful man and SIL for me.’
    • ‘My SiL is in full-time employment and is back living with his mother.’
    • ‘Your SIL and DD should take some parenting classes.’
    • ‘As a reward for helping with the kids, my wonderful SIL and DD took me to Menton's for dinner the night before I left.’


1960s abbreviation.