Meaning of silastic in English:


Pronunciation /sɪˈlastɪk/


mass noun Trademark
  • Silicone rubber.

    as modifier ‘a Dacron cuffed silastic catheter’
    • ‘The implants are made of vulcanized silicone or silastic, a clear, hard, rubber-like material, and secured to the skeleton by insertion into a pocket or with small titanium screws that anchor to the underlying bone.’
    • ‘A silastic Foley catheter that is appropriate for the patient's urethra is inserted on completion of the bladder and abdominal wound closure.’
    • ‘Both polypropylene mesh bands and silastic rings have been used to prevent stretching of the newly created stomach outlet.’
    • ‘Eight rats were surgically implanted with intravenous silastic catheters under anaesthesia.’
    • ‘In fact, surgeons have been using a variation of the soft, solid silastic devices since the 1960s.’
    • ‘The device may be placed around the entire stomach, a portion of the stomach, or a portion of the intestine and may consist of tissue, mesh, silastic tubing, or other material approved for this use.’
    • ‘The surgeon drapes the surgical area, performs the cystoscopy, inserts a sterile silastic Foley catheter in the urethra, and fills the bladder with sterile normal saline.’
    • ‘Local estrogen therapy is available in vaginal creams and other preparations, such as a silastic vaginal ring that requires replacement every three months.’
    • ‘After calibration, a silastic tube with two separate air-filled pressure probes was inserted into one nostril.’
    • ‘In addition, the outlet was banded by a mesh strip or a silastic ring to prevent enlargement.’


1940s blend of silicon and elastic.